Refreshing, fun and up front Wedding photography

Storytelling. A Picture is worth a thousand words.

Life is a story, so as your wedding day. What goes in a backround tells the story better than that a lot of posed photographs. A narrative without captions.

Natural Style of Wedding Photography.

My discreet style of wedding photography is often created using available and natural light and most closely can be described as a documentary wedding photography. In practice this means that apart from those traditional group and pre-planned photographs I spend most of my time capturing genuine and meaningful moments between family and friends. I try todo this as unobtrusively as I can allowing a natural flow of the day which lets the couple and guests enjoy themselves and often leaves people wondering if there was even a documentary photographer at the wedding.

Wedding Photography is an Investment. A story of your Wedding Day captured for life.

I’m aware that pricing for wedding photography is often confusing and every photographer does it differently. I like keeping things as simple as possible,